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The feed

Constant quality, tailored to our pig's nutritional needs

Barley Grains

We match our pigs with the appropriate nutrition program at every stage of growth and production

We continuously collaborate with our nutritionists to create a diet specifically for the Hampshire breed which improves the natural pork characteristics. We work with local feed suppliers that are GMP+ certified.


Every pig is offered a well-balanced diet that enhances their natural characteristics. Diets are developed in cooperation with our pig nutritionists and are adjusted during the growth period to meet the pigs' nutritional demands. We only collaborate with GMP+ certified feed producers to guarantee the feed's quality. 

What makes Norbel stand out

One of the nutritional demands specifically for the Hampshire breed is countering the influence of the RN gene. This gene, which is carried by the Hampshire race, causes higher drip loss, resulting in somewhat drier meat.


We addressed this issue by developing a unique feed composition that significantly improves the water-binding capacity of meat. 

This is what distinguishes Norbel from traditional Hampshire pork.

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