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The breed

Rigourous selection, careful handling and constant innovation


Norbel’s story started seven years ago, when we concluded that pork was conceived by the general population as rather basic meat, often dry with little taste.

We were determined to overcome this perception and assembled a team of enthusiastic specialists to assist us.​


​Our research team conducted blind tastings of meat from various pig breeds to get consumer feedback.


They came to the conclusion that the quality of the pork is not only determined by its flavour: just as important, if not more so, were the meat's structure and tenderness.


​In light of this, we began comparing the traits of several sire lines in terms of juiciness, drip loss and fibre structure.


Finally, we examined the production competitiveness of the various breeds; cost-effective manufacturing is critical to a successful story.


Promotion video Norbel

A taste, like never seen before

The Hampshire is widely utilised as a sire of crossbred pigs for the pork markets. Of all the common breeds, it is renowned for being the leanest.

The Hampshire is a modern and highly productive breed of pigs, with strong, rapidly growing piglets. In addition to being savvy and diligent, the Hampshire pig is extremely popular for its carcass quality.

The physiological and technical characteristics of the Hampshire pork have been praised by scientific studies. Meat that is tender, juicy, and flavourful is produced by appropriately dosed intramuscular fat in combination with delicate and finer muscle fibres.

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