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Logo Norbel varkensvlees
“We are a third generation family-owned pig production business, founded in Glabbeek, Belgium”

Bart, Peter and Gert Vanschoubroek took over their parents’ farm in 1992.

Together, they dedicated themselves to growing the family farm beyond their parents' wildest dreams.

Just as the third generation is aspiring now.

We have spent more than seven years perfecting every component required to distinguish our Norbel pigs from the competition in terms of both cost-effective production and superior carcass quality.

“It's thanks to careful customer feedback and breed selection that we are able to produce delicious, lean, and finely textured pork”
“We match our pigs with the appropriate nutrition program at every stage of growth and production”

We continuously collaborate with our nutritionists to create a diet specifically for the Hampshire breed which improves the natural pork characteristics.


We work with local feed suppliers that are GMP+ certified.

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